Jean-Louis Emond
Sculptor and painter
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Photo galleries of previous exhibitions

Exhibition Un parcours imprévu, 2018, Galerie Blanche 24 photos
Recent works 2015-2016 11 photos
Expo Gros grain, Galerie Blanche, Montréal  2013 25 photos
Expo 2D / 3D, 2012, Galerie Jamault, Paris (photos choisies)e-index7.html 10 photos
Expo Bullfighting: Inner struggle, The Weiss Gallery, Calgary,2012 14 photos
La chute des corps, 2010 (Bodies fall) 20 photos
Expo Abbaye de Fontmorigny, 2010 13 photos
SIAB, France 2009 10 photos
Le Faune 2007-2008 19 photos
Grand format (Giant format) 18 photos


A serie of eight videotapes are broadcasted on "You Tube" in order to illustrate the work of the artist and his techniques. They were produced in french only by OzagVideo and are signed by Gérard Ozanne. Click hero to view these videos.